The babe who rocked Paradise by the Dashboard Light, the maiden who entranced The Pirates of Penzance, the gal Letterman called “The Sweetheart of Rock & Roll” – has brought audiences to their feet, and her leading man to his knee…

After rocking a world tour and wowing Broadway, Karla has been romantically linked to an Actor, a Singer, an Athlete, a Producer, a Writer, a Director, a Musician, a Composer, a Photographer, and a Professor.  Luckily, they were all named Robby Benson.

One of MTV’s first video stars, and now a popular performer on You Tube, Karla recorded two solo albums, “Is This A Cool World or What?” and “Wake ‘Em Up in Tokyo” plus the hit single “We Are Not Alone” for the movie The Breakfast Club, then co-starred with her husband in the movie Modern Love.

Karla won lots of fans before stepping out of the spotlight into the role of Mrs. Robby Benson, mother of Lyric and Zephyr Benson. Fans can trace her career on Wikipedia or Internet Movie Database, and eventually, right here.

“DeVito’s bold vocal style is a shotgun wedding of Broadway bravado and reckless rock.”

-  People Magazine

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